Chapter Sponsorship

Crew 49 - Chapter Partnership Opportunities

ASID Industry Partners, Have you heard about Crew 49?  

Becoming an ASID California Central / Nevada Chapter sponsor will make a big difference for our chapter and for your company. Let's grow together. 

As an ASID Industry Partner Sponsor, you have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of something special! 

What is the difference between membership and sponsorship?

Membership is paid with annual dues and allows Industry Partners to take part in the regular chapter experience. IPs can connect representatives to ASID’s network of 46 chapters, and as members, they can attend local chapter meetings, participate in various chapter leadership opportunities, and get involved with volunteer activities. Membership also includes access to the latest ASID research and an annual subscription to ASID ICON.

Sponsorship, offers an optional opportunity to increase your companies visibility through additional marketing, branding, special access, or deeper engagement with our ASID audience, and is typically offered at a fee in addition to annual membership dues. Sponsorship is an essential tool in providing membership with enriched and affordable programs, events, and resources. In exchange for sponsorship, our chapter offers greater exposure and networking opportunities between your company and our designer members. We hope you will find value in promoting your business, while helping ASID Californai Central / Nevada continue to advance the profession of interior design in our community. Sponsorship opportunities are available at the Chapter level through our Crew-49 program. 

What is CREW 49?

CREW 49 is an exclusive group of Design Industry businesses who are ready to grow their business and connect with Interior designers on a whole new level. The California Central/Nevada Chapter CREW 49 is a PARTNERSHIP SPOT with four tiered sponsorship levels tailored for your level of commitment and your goals.

Is CREW 49 right for you?

If you’re an Industry Partner who wants to build lasting relationships and provide knowledge that gives designers a competitive edge, then California Central/Nevada Chapter CREW 49 is for you.  As part of California Central/Nevada Chapter CREW 49, be more than a source – be THE resource. California Central/Nevada Chapter CREW 49 is your opportunity to showcase your brand and get your business in front of our Interior Designers. 

What do you get?

Events – As a Crew 49 member, you get first dibs on location, dates, and times to showcase your product or service during an event at your location of choice. We have four regions for you to choice from: CA Central Valley, Fresno, Las Vegas, or Reno/Tahoe. Do you want to target all four, or do you want to make in-roads in a certain region? This is your chance to strategically place yourself, face-to-face, with the designers that you want to target.

Marketing – Your event(s) will be highlighted in our monthly newsletters, on the events section of our website, and on social media. Individual e-mail event reminder notices will be scheduled. Your company logo and link will be included on each mailing. Place your brand and marketing in our newsletters, website, e-blasts, and social media banners/posts

Feature Story – Got a big story to tell? Share it directly with ASID members in our chapter. Every day, you hear from Designers about the problems they have when working on their projects. Identify and offer to solve one or more of those problems by speaking to them directly, in a well written story published in our newsletter. Broadcast to ASID members precisely how you (and only you) can solve their problems. This is your chance to tell how you can help them move forward and make progress in a way that your competitor can’t.

Showcase Your Showroom or Store – What if you had dozens of designers in your location? Just think, all those cherry-picked potential customers right at your fingertips. This is your chance to host an event, so don’t miss out. Don’t have a showroom? No problem. We can coordinate and help you find a spot to showcase your wares.

*Join Crew 49 and get as much exposure as you can, and be there, in the minds of the designers that you want to impact.*

How to Become a Crew 49 Partner?

It’s a simple three step process. 

  1. Select the level of partnership that works for your goals and strategies. 
  2. Pay the fee via Eventbrite
  3. Contact us to select from available calendar dates to set up your event and marketing strategy.

Congratulations you’re now in the exclusive CREW 49!


Act Now!

Get your tickets here: crew-49-IP Tickets. Please contact if you have any further questions.


Important Details:

All Crew 49 Sponsors must be active Industry Partner (IP) members.

ASID California Central / Nevada reserves final approval rights of any and all programming and content being co-branded or promoted, to ensure compliance with chapter policies.

As a 501(c)6 not-for-profit membership association, ASID California Central / Nevada is not a charity and therefore sponsorships do not qualify as tax-deductible donations.







National Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities are available on both the local and national level, and offer the ability to increase visibility through additional marketing, branding, special access, or deeper engagement with an audience.  As a member of a Chapter, Industry Partners have the opportunity to be involved in their local design community – to network and connect with other members, participate in leadership, or elevate visibility as a chapter sponsor.  

To augment local chapter efforts, we also offer sponsorship opportunities that align with ASID national platforms, programs and initiatives, providing you additional access to the ASID network through a variety of channels depending on your preferred exposure.

Learn More About National Sponsorship