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This year, ASID California Central | Nevada Chapter is partnering with the Malouf Foundation on their program Rooms Restored | A Bedroom Makeover Program for Child Abuse Survivors.

For children who have been physically or sexually abused in their homes, the perpetrator is usually someone the child knows—whether it’s a parent, sibling, or another family member. This level of betrayal and manipulation can make a child feel helpless—like they have no control over their situation. It’s a heartbreaking reality, and while you may not have the ability to change a child’s experiences, we have the power to provide a comfortable place for them to heal.

As designers we are uniquely positioned to help these children. A child’s bedroom should be a be a place of comfort, a place of hope, a place to call their own—and we can offer that through our time, commitment, and expertise.

If you are interested in helping in your area please reach out to Sandi Allan, Chapter Administrator, at or myself at

Together, with partners from the community, we can work to ensure every child lives with freedom, hope, justice, dignity—and sleeps in a safe home.



We are looking for donations of kid and teen bedroom furnishings, including headboards or complete bed frames, bedside tables, dressers, rugs, lamps, art and accessories. If you or a business that you work with has any of these items to donate, please contact

Also, if you know of a place in your local area that these items can be stored until needed, please let us know as well.


“ Rooms Restored™, our goal is to create restorative spaces for children who have been physically or sexually abused in their homes. We help businesses and community members organize bedroom makeovers to eliminate the physical triggers of abuse and provide a new space that supports the healing process.”


Let's do what we can to help!


Click below to view the recording from our October 28th Webinar with the Malouf Foundation: 

Passcode: rM$z9mF$

(Note: due to technical issues, recording starts 10 minutes into the presentation)