Message From The President

Jamie Stringham, Chapter President


Note from the 2023-2024 Chapter President


Welcome to OUR new fiscal year!   As a board we have been working hard to prepare for a successful and eventful year for the  Central California Nevada Chapter.  Our GOAL is to build our membership and have events in all of our communities. (Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, and Fresno).  

I am very passionate about my membership and involvement to ASID.  I have served as a past President (2018-2019), National Chapter Support Team (2019-2022), President Elect (2022-2023) and now President again 2023-2024.  

If you ask me WHY I Love ASID, I would say foremost it’s the people that I have met. My life has been so enriched. I have gained friends all over the country.  The Synergy that I have felt from all of you has had a positive affect on my business as well as my personal life.  I believe in the law of “Givers Gain”.  

We are forming committees and I am asking that you become involved.  Many hands makes for fun times and a light work. Add your talents to ours and together we will GROW our membership which will increase awareness of our professions to the communities in which we live.  “DESIGN IMPACTS LIVES” and we are the ones that make the difference

I look forward to meeting each of YOU,


Jamie Stringham, ASID