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Smart Bathrooms - How Material Science and Technology are Advancing Bathroom Design

Well-designed bathrooms with high-quality materials and smart technology provide numerous advantages for users, whether in luxury residences or commercial buildings. This course will discuss high-quality, innovative bathroom products and their advantages, including occupant well-being, safety, accessibility, sustainability, and increased home values. The course will also cover the four activity areas in the bathroom in relation to material science, technological advancements, and smart design. Learning objectives: Describe the advantages of well-designed bathrooms and high-quality bathroom products. Examine how material science and technological advancements contribute to smart bathroom design. Understand how innovative materials and technological advancements are utilized in the four activity areas. Explore the four activity areas in a bathroom and how technology is making them better. (1 CEU)

Course details: Designation: LU/HSW / Learning Level: Intermediate IDCEC Course #CEU-106884_R1 AIA Course #DU105 

Date and Time

5:00 PM – 7:30 PM


Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Gallery
4525 Madison Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95842